Companion puppies are just 1 of 3 different ways Customers can own a Tamaruke

Companion puppies are just 1 of 3 different ways Customers can own a Tamaruke

The simplicity of the ingenious business system not only sets new standards of care in the dog breeding industry…

…it is a win/win for the dogs, customers and the new owners of Tamaruke.

Tamaruke’s business systems provide customers with three different ways they can enjoy a beautiful Tamaruke of their very own.

Companion Puppies

Tamaruke breed to demand and there is always a wait list of eager owners prepared to pay a premium price to purchase a pure bred companion puppy. There is certainly potential for the new owners of Tamaruke to further develop the lucrative market of overseas buyers.

Guardian Program

Customers love the fact that they can receive a puppy for free by becoming part of the Guardian Program and adopting one of the breeding dogs. This puts the welfare of the dog first by giving it a forever family home. It also allows Tamaruke to maintain the genetic diversity and strength of the breed, whilst reducing the running costs of maintaining such a large breeding stock.

Therapy and Assistance Dogs

Tamarukes make ideal therapy and assistance dogs, so there is huge potential to expand in this area. Because of the amount of training these dogs require it is a specialised area with little competition from other breeders and the trained therapy dogs can command very high prices.

Over 50% of Customers return for a second Tamaruke

Over 50% of Customers return for a second Tamaruke

The breeding program has developed the Tamaruke into the ‘gold standard’ of labradoodle.

Tamarukes make the perfect pet, due to their:

• loving, loyal nature,
• low-allergy, non-shedding coat,
• no doggy odour,
• friendly and intuitive temperament,
• natural intelligence, and
• ability to be easily trained.

The incredibly high standard of this unique breed means that over 50% of customers return for a second Tamaruke… and also recommend this breed to their friends and family.

Streamlined purchasing process

Streamlined purchasing process

The streamlined and efficient purchasing process reduces customer waiting time to a minimum, allows the business to breed to demand and enables us to sell Tamarukes Australia wide, as well as overseas.

1. The Comprehensive Information Pack Reduces Time Spent Answering Enquiries. Once an enquiry has been made a comprehensive information pack outlines the purchasing process, explains what is so unique about the Tamaruke breed, and answers all of the FAQ potential buyers may have.

2. Transparent Open Door Policy Engenders Trust in Buyers and Ensures Dogs Go to Loving Homes. Tamaruke encourages potential owners to visit at any time to see the world class facilities, including the on-site vet clinic and start-of-the-art birthing facilities all located in an idyllic rural setting. It also allows the team to vet any potential owners and ensure the welfare of the dogs.

3. Tamaruke Require a Deposit to Reserve a Tamaruke. Once owners decide to go ahead they need to fill in an application form and pay a deposit to reserve their puppy.

4. Tamaruke Allocate a Place in the Litter Rather than an Actual Puppy. Allocating customers a place rather than a puppy allows the on-site vet to ensure all dogs are fully screened and undergo growth and development assessments. This means Tamaruke can continue to strengthen the Tamaruke breed by choosing the correct puppies for the Guardian breeding program.

5. Introduce Customers to Their Puppy at 6-7 Weeks of Age. By this stage the puppies are fully weaned, assessed for growth and development, and passed a full health check by the vet.

6. Tamaruke Puppies go to their New Homes at the Perfect Age. By 8 weeks of age the puppies will be fully weaned, vaccinated, passed a full vet check, already started toilet training and their new owners can still enjoy the puppy phase.

7. Tamaruke Ship Australia-wide and Overseas so Anyone, Anywhere Can Own a Tamaruke. If customers can’t pick up their puppy in person systems are in place to arrange shipping or transport including administering the necessary vaccinations for overseas purchasers. Tamaruke Labradoodles are shipped to 18 countries, utilising the services of a professional/world class shipping agent, with the potential to ship to many other places.

8. We Provide Owners With a Lifetime of Support and Advice. Tamaruke owners love being part of the amazing community via the Facebook page and attending regular doodle romp days at Tamaruke. Nearby Kaysadale farm provides training and boarding exclusively for Tamarukes.

Easily increase your Return on Investment

Easily increase your Return on Investment

The current owners feel it would be irresponsible to breed in excess of orders and have puppies without homes.

However the size of the waitlist and increasing demand from 18 different countries means there’s plenty of opportunity for Tamaruke’s new owner to expand the breeding program.

And the ever increasing demand for Tamarukes indicates the potential to charge more for companion puppies.

The current owners are also now beginning to experience demand from clients for a second generation of Tamarukes, and this market will only continue to increase as the first generation of Tamaruke dogs come to the end of their expected lifespan.

And as governments and society increasingly recognise the benefits of Therapy and Assistance dogs more and more funds are being allocated to the purchase of these dogs.

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