The Guardian Program protects the strength of the Tamaruke breed and increases the size of the breeding pool

The Guardian Program protects the strength of the Tamaruke breed and increases the size of the breeding pool

Tamaruke Guardian Families love that they can receive a puppy for free by adopting one of a breeding dog.

The Guardian Program also provides Guardian Families with discounted vaccines and free grooming when their Guardian dogs return to Tamaruke to breed, as well as complimentary desexing at the end of their dog’s breeding life.

By adopting out breeding dogs, Tamaruke has a substantial number to breed from. This allows for genetic diversity and ensures the strength of the breed.

The Guardian Program also ensures that Tamaruke can meet the ever increasing demand for the unique Tamaruke labradoodle.

The Guardian Program also dramatically reduces the running costs of maintaining such a large breeding stock for the new owners of Tamaruke. In exchange for their free dog, Guardian Families pay for the housing, food, training and vet fees (excluding breeding related costs) for the entire life the breeding dogs.

Streamlined breeding process

Streamlined breeding process

Male and female Guardian dogs only return to Tamaruke for mating and whelping.

Guardian owners of female breeding dogs are responsible for the costs of transporting the female Guardian dogs. Tamaruke female Guardian puppies will have a maximum of 3 litters in their lifetime.

They return to Tamaruke when they’re in season to breed and then again to whelp, when they stay at Tamaruke for approximately 8 weeks.

Guardian dogs are in the safest of possible hands, delivering their litter in their very own private birthing suite under the supervision of the highly experienced team and private vet, if required.

Tamaruke male Guardian puppies live within an hour of Tamaruke because they need to be available at short notice. Male Guardians breed more frequently than the female Guardians, but their stay is much shorter.

Both male and female Guardian dogs are desexed at the end of their breeding life by the onsite vet. This ensures Tamaruke can preserve the bloodline and the Guardian families love that they don’t have to pay for or organise this service.

A Watertight Contract

A Watertight Contract

All Tamaruke Guardian dogs remain the property of Tamaruke for their entire lives because the Guardian program is essential to maintaining and growing the Tamaruke breed.

The Tamaruke Guardian contract is signed by all Guardian families and it clearly outlines the terms and conditions of adopting a Tamaruke puppy. The contract has already been successfully tried and tested in court.

The new owners of Tamaruke can rest assured that the Tamaruke breeding program is watertight and the Tamaruke bloodline is protected…with plenty of room for expansion.

Opportunities for Expansion

Opportunities for Expansion

With an average of 6 puppies born in each litter, there is plenty of opportunity to retain more puppies for the Guardian program and rapidly increase the breeding pool.

If you retained 2 dogs per litter for the Guardian program you could double the number of Tamarukes available for sale in just 2 years.

Tamaruke already has the infrastructure in place to expand the Guardian Program because the newly renovated birthing unit has just had an additional storey added to it, effectively doubling the size of our already world class facilities.

With the ever increasing demand for companion dogs, plenty of interest from affluent overseas clients and the high prices commanded for therapy dogs, there are a number of exciting opportunities for further expansion by the new owner of Tamaruke.