Professional Team

Professional Team

Tamaruke has a unique and balanced team of professionals dedicated to this wonderfully unique breed of dog.

Meet Team Tamaruke……

Charlotte McGrath

Charlotte McGrath

Charlotte McGrath, the founder of Tamaruke, has developed the breed and put business systems and structures into place to ensure Tamaruke is a business that can virtually run itself, and a business whose viability and success is not dependent on any one person.

However, even though Char and Mark are selling Tamaruke to move on with the next stage of their lives, Char is just as passionate about this breed as she was when she started it 25 years ago and she will be available for six months after the sale of the business to advise and help the new owner, if required.

Monique - General Manager

Monique - General Manager

Monique is Tamaruke’s General Manager. She lives locally and adores Tamarukes.

Monique hopes to continue in her existing role after the sale, enabling the new owner to transition smoothly into the business or even run it remotely.

As a great organiser she ensures the Tamaruke operation runs like clockwork on a day to day basis.

She works alongside Charlotte McGrath to coordinate all aspects of the Tamaruke Guardian Program – ensuring staff, the dogs and their owners are all in the right place at the right time.

If you decided to run Tamaruke from off-site, Monique would be able to seamlessly step into Charlotte’s administrative role.

Tamaruke Kennel Team

Tamaruke Kennel Team

Meet (L to R) Kristi, Lee, Kelly and Emily (not pictured)

This dedicated team assist Monique in the day to day operations, cleaning and care of the mums and puppies entrusted to Tamaruke.

They are all experienced animal attendants and their bubbly and enthusiastic attitude towards a job they adore make them all much loved members of Team Tamaruke.

Chris McClelland - Experienced Vet Surgeon

Chris McClelland - Experienced Vet Surgeon

Tamaruke is the only breeder in the world to have an on site veterinary hospital and a private vet.

Dr. Chris McClelland administers all the vaccinations, undertakes microchipping, de-sexes the dogs, is available to assist Guardian dogs with birthing, as well as for other surgical procedures that may be required from time to time. Dr Chris is a licensed New South Wales veterinarian with his own clinic in Hamilton but he is also on call for Tamaruke 24/7.

The licence for the on-site veterinary hospital is owned by Chris and he is happy to stay on working for the new owner of Tamaruke.

If you would prefer to run the surgery yourself, put in another vet to run the surgery for you, or lease the premises as a satellite surgery to a local vet, Chris can also transfer the existing licence to a different vet.

Trainer - Linda Cause

Trainer - Linda Cause

Linda has a lifetime of experience training many animals (large and small) and is also a Certified Dog Trainer/handler – she is experienced with all breeds but specifically likes working with Tamarukes as they learn quickly!

Linda is able to train obedience to any level, develop complex tasks and provide assistance with Dog behaviour issues

She is also able to provide in-house training or to assist you with training your Tamaruke yourself.

Linda’s training style and techniques are very practical and effective to ensure you receive the best outcome for your Tamaruke.

Linda is also a qualified and experienced Emmett Technique Practitioner and Trainer.

Local Subcontractors

Tamaruke also draw on a pool of local subcontractors, who are mainly students who enjoy casual work outside study and on the weekends. This arrangement provides flexible staffing arrangements which can fluctuate according to demand.

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