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Our 5 step process explained



Documents ready in the cloud

Because our approach generates a lot of interest fast… we need to make sure we are completely organised before we push GO on the marketing machine.

Having a pre-prepared business report and all the due diligence documents ready in the cloud before we start is an essential part of the Brilliant Businesses process.

Being very organised keeps us one step ahead of the buyers at all stages – vital during the negotiation process.

Our work starts by spending a day with you at your business premises. Together we work through a tried and tested strategy we’ve developed over many years at Brilliant Digital. We quickly get up to speed with your business and formulate a plan to market it.

We also work through extensive checklists with you to make sure all your documents are in order.



Superb website to communicate value

The next stage of the process is to build a superb top line website with the sole purpose of communicating the value of all your hard work to potential buyers.

We take care of  the website design and development and all the content including photography and video (using drones if they add value) to make sure we showcase your business in the very best possible way.

In the words of Director Deb Jeffreys

“We’re driven to make sure your hard work is recognised when it’s time to sell. We know how to market lifestyle businesses to get the best possible price.

“We use our digital marketing knowledge and experience and all the resources of our sister company Brilliant Digital to make sure every ounce of value is clear for buyers to see!”




Proactive, innovative digital marketing

Here’s where it gets really interesting… traditional business brokers generally list your business on a business sale website and in magazines and wait for potential buyers to see it.

We take a very different approach.

Using digital marketing we pro-actively put your business in front of potential buyers when they are surfing the Internet and social media. One click, and they are on your very cool new website…

In the words of Director David Biddle

“When Deb and I sold my own lifestyle business using pro-active digital marketing we secured a buyer who wasn’t actively looking for a business.

Buyers are out there… they just need to be shown the opportunity.”



Negotiate and secure offer

There’s a lot to do to close the deal and it can seem very daunting. After all your business is a huge asset and there’s a lot at stake.

At Brilliant Businesses we’ve teamed up with highly experienced legal professionals who understand the tactics of potential buyers, take a proactive approach and think outside the box if necessary.

Our team cut to the chase to get the deal done.

In Deb Jeffreys words

“David Biddle is a great negotiator – believe me you won’t find a cooler head to have by your side once you reach the pointy end of a business sale!

“Having David and our trusted lawyers by your side puts you in the best possible position to get through the tricky stages quickly with a great outcome.”



Due diligence, close the deal

As with many things in life… the devil is in the detail. And the due diligence process of selling  a business can be tricky to navigate.

We simplify the whole process by having everything ready and secure in the cloud before your business even goes on the market. This keeps you one step ahead of the buyer and firmly in control.

Even once the deal is done, there’s still a bit involved in ticking all the boxes and handing over to the new owner.

We help facilitate the transfer of things like business leases, registration documents, bank accounts, contracts, memberships and business names. It’s also important that you deliver on any training or handover period that was part of the agreement.

And once all this detail is completed… you can sail away into the sunset with your money in the bank!

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