Sale of Pet Resort wrapped up in just over 4 months

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To realise the true value of the business through strategic preparation and presentation to qualified customers

Solution: Create a focused marketing strategy that tells the story of the business and reaches beyond traditional sales arenas to find a customer that is the perfect match for the business



Intense strategy meeting to gather relevant information about client and business; clear content creation utilising content specialists, dedicated sale website design and implementation of a carefully targeted digital marketing campaign – end-to-end management of the process.

Numbers: Brilliant Digital marketing strategy delivered 400,000 unique viewers leading to 14,500 visits to the website and resulted in 178 firm Expressions Of Interest.

Result: Successful sale of business and property in a little over 4 months – clear profitability to all parties, ease of access to all documentation via website, minimal disruption of business in transition.


February 2017 – the ink is still damp on the agreement but the sale is solid and there are smiles all around.

Up until recently Akuna Pet Resort Owners Marcus and Ariel were still contemplating their options. Now they are moving on in the best possible way.

“We anticipated a much longer process – we are really excited to be able to be putting together plans right now for the next stage of our lives.”

There is a sigh of relief and palpable excitement as realisation that their hard work over the last 17 years in building up Akuna Pet Resorts, has yielded top results.

After making the decision to sell their wonderful pet care facility, the realisation hit home for Marcus and Ariel, that although they were top of the class in providing an incredible pet care facility they didn’t have the skills or knowledge to present their business in the best way possible or on the right platform to reach the perfect buyer.


“We had decided about a year earlier that we wanted to sell, and had started getting the business and property ready but when it came to finding the right buyer and knowing all the ins and outs of marketing, we knew we needed specialist input, “says Marcus.

“We didn’t want to spend lots of time and money and get nowhere.”

A critical partnership was needed. Enter Brilliant Businesses, the collaboration of industry innovators, David Biddle and Deb Jefferys.

Pooling their collective experience in the areas of traditional business brokering and high yield digital marketing solutions, Brilliant Business offers a complete service for lifestyle businesses needing to correctly position and market themselves in order to achieve the requisite value for their business. It was a perfect match.

“When I met David and he told me about his experience selling his own business, it made perfect sense. We were aware of the traditional ways of selling a business, but David and Deb had more of a blue sky approach; they were innovative and proposing an online solution,” says Marcus.

“When we got started, the BBIM team came down to the resort and spent the day with us finding out all about our business and our history. David spent 2 or so hours with us asking all the tough strategy related questions and they got to see first hand how great our set-up was.”

“We got the feeling that it was more than just another business deal – they genuinely cared about our situation.”

“We were also really happy with the cost of the service – considering that the website they created delivered a flood of responses and within very little time we had hundreds of serious enquiries,” adds Ariel.


According to Nicola Elkington, BBIM Digital Marketing Manager, the campaign that was used to drive traffic to the Business Sale website included targeted ads on social media as well as remarketing within traditional sales pathways.

“The initial campaign delivered over 14 500 website visits from a wall of 400,000 views.

When we ran the Open for Inspection ad campaign we had over 20,000 views and 500 website visits.  It was exciting to see that by putting the opportunity in front of qualified leads, we were able to achieve a much wider reach than any one approach.”

Ariel stresses another benefit of the partnership with BBIM: “The other thing that was great about working with David and BBIM was that we didn’t have to find a lawyer or a website specialist or a writer – their team did everything. They made sure all the necessary information was on the website and answered all the incoming questions – the end-to-end service made sure everything went smoothly. Even though we were selling both a business and a property, all the details were taken into consideration,” says Ariel.

The lawyer advising on the sale, Chaz Dheer, commented on this: “Having David attend the negotiations was important; he is experienced and understands the commercial realities of the transactions; yet he was able to support the client, being mindful of the emotional impact on the client of selling a business they have created.”

Deb Jeffreys believes the most important step is the initial strategy session.

“It has got to be an honest environment – our questions help the client to understand the value of their business – often this understanding is a bit murky and it is refreshing for the client to realise their strengths as seen from an outside view. Meeting up in person is crucial to this understanding.”

“The best thing about any business is the passion of the owner – once we discover that seam of gold in the business, we can find a buyer who matches that.”

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