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A Business Where the Owner Can Take Holidays

A Business Where the Owner Can Take Holidays

Marcus and Ariel have spent the past 16 years not only investing in infrastructure and technology, but creating business systems and putting processes into place to ensure Akuna is a business that can virtually run itself.

Ensuring Akuna Pet Resort is a business that

…uses technology to streamline systems right across the board, maximising efficiency and minimising waste

…runs well under management, should the new owner desire not to live on site, and is not dependent on any person

…and a business where the owner can take holidays

As Marcus says: “We always know exactly how many staff we need any particular time. Our staff work hard and efficiently but they never feel overwhelmed or unable to complete the tasks at hand, and conversely they don’t sit around twiddling their thumbs with nothing to do.”

Established Relationships with Suppliers and Contractors

Established Relationships with Suppliers and Contractors

Akuna invests in relationships with clients, staff and contractors and understands the value and importance of these relationships.

For over 15 years Royal Canin has been supplying Akuna with a premium pet food range that caters for all ages, stages, breeds and special needs of our cats and dogs. This established relationship makes ordering easy as orders are placed online at a competitive price, then a pallet is delivered to the door.

Akuna also has long established relationships with local vets, ensuring any medical emergencies can be well treated. A professional local groomer is available when needed and renowned dog trainers in Sydney recommend Akuna to their clients and use Akuna for their own pet’s boarding.

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