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Akuna’s owners, Marcus and Ariel, have invested heavily in digital marketing because they could clearly see the potential for massive return on their investment.

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And it’s an investment that has already paid dividends, allowing them to vividly showcase why Akuna is the market-leader in dog and cat boarding services, as well as reassure potential clients they can trust their precious fur babies to Akuna’s tender loving care.

A Website that Engages and Reassures Clients

A Website that Engages and Reassures Clients

Akuna Pet Resort’s beautiful, mobile-responsive website is one of their most vital assets, because pet boarding is all about trust.

Virtually all Akuna’s new business comes either via referrals from Akuna’s longstanding and loyal existing clients (customers receive a recommendation from someone they trust) or via the website, because it shows potential clients they can trust Akuna to deliver the standards of care they promise.

This is vital because most pet owners live too far away to visit in person (hence the popularity of the pet chauffeur service) and the vibrant website with its virtual tours allows them to visit and experience the Akuna difference for themselves, reassuring them their pet will be looked after to the highest standards.

Especially in an industry that is notorious for dog stacking and boarding kennels that don’t deliver what they promise to clients, Akuna clearly stand out from the rest as the market leader…the Pet Resort clients know they can trust.

A Website that Delivers Higher Margins

A Website that Delivers Higher Margins

Akuna’s website makes booking easy, by offering customers the flexibility of either booking online themselves, via email or over the phone.

It also highlights the many extras Akuna offers to make the pet boarding experience feel more like home, which encourages clients to add them to the their pet’s package.

The website has just been updated in June 2016, streamlining the packages to ensure a higher rate of return per pet visit.

And for the new owners of Akuna, the flow-on effect from this recent price consolidation will continue to enhance the bottom line of the business.

Effective Database Marketing

Effective Database Marketing

Akuna’s database of clients and prospects is comprehensive – currently 6000+.

Akuna Pet Resort uses Salesforce, an automated customer relationship management system to maintain regular contact with this enormous database via monthly newsletter emailed to all the clients.

Clients are emailed before and after each boarding stay, as well as on the pet’s birthday, ensuring the company remains front of mind.

All marketing activity is tracked and monitored through CRM system and Google Analytics to ensure it delivers a return on investment.

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