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Unbeatable Quality of Life

Unbeatable Quality of Life

It was the joy of the location, combined with a love of animals, that first attracted owners Marcus and Ariel to invest in Akuna Pet Resort and raise their family on the property.

Building Akuna Resort to the standard it is today has been a huge investment of their time, energy and resources, but it’s an investment that has paid huge dividends.

And it’s an investment that’s given their family a quality of life they could never have achieved in the city.

Staff meetings are held to the sound of birdsong on the sunny deck of Akuna Cottage, the work commute takes seconds from door to door, and playing with pets in a bushland setting feels more like a privilege than hard work.

Now that their four children have grown up and moved out, it is time for Ariel and Marcus to have a new adventure and to let a new owner put their own stamp on Akuna Pet Resort.

A Business Where the Owner Can Take Holidays

A Business Where the Owner Can Take Holidays

Marcus and Ariel have spent the past 16 years not only investing in infrastructure and technology, but also creating business systems and putting processes into place to ensure Akuna is a business that can run itself.

They have engineered the business to deliver quality of life for themselves and the next owners.

Akuna Pet Resort is somewhat of an anomaly in the small and medium business world, because the owner can actually take holidays, knowing everything will run well in their absence.

The office is closed on public holidays and from 12-3pm everyday, so even if the new owner chooses to work in the reception/office area, they can still get away for long weekends and have a 3 hour window of time every day to themselves.

Work ON the Business, Rather than IN the Business

Work ON the Business, Rather than IN the Business

Akuna’s core team has been structured to allow the owners to work on the business, rather than in the business. It consists of:

  • 2 assistant managers on a rolling roster and 1 office person
  • 2 virtual assistants in the Philippines, who organise emails, staff scheduling and other admin.
  • 2 full-time drivers and 1 part-time driver who drive the pet chauffeur service and do all property maintenance
  • 2 full-time and 2 part-time kennel hands
  • 15-20 casuals, many who attend school, who work before and after school, as well as in the holidays, assisting with the exercising, feeding and cleaning duties

The current staff base is the best Akuna has ever had, yet there is no one person the business is entirely dependent upon.

Akuna’s new owners can choose the level of involvement they want. They can choose to:

  • keep the current state of play and let the business run itself;
  • get more directly involved in the business; or
  • operate Akuna from a distance, by employing an on-site manager in Akuna Cottage to run the business for them.
Massive Opportunity to Expand

Massive Opportunity to Expand

Akuna Pet Resort also offers the new owners a steady stream of income with potential for more either via the creation of additional income streams or by maximising the revenue potential of existing facilities.

Both dog and cat boarding capacities can be easily maximised without laying a single brick and there is also a huge potential to offer additional grooming and dog training services to existing clients.

The 10 acres of land and three existing residential properties provide virtually unlimited opportunities for property development, including:

  • Living in Akuna Cottage while you build your dream home
  • Offering Akuna Cottage as part of an attractive manager’s package
  • Renting out Akuna Cottage along with Cattery Cottage and the Painter’s Studio as a holiday or long-term rental


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