The ultimate lifestyle business
Opportunities aboard - multiple revenue streams
Allsail is a Pittwater institution

Jump aboard Allsail!

Are you a passionate sailor who hasn’t had the time or opportunity to get out and really enjoy the sea?

Are you looking for a business that gives you the freedom to work anywhere, even while sailing in exotic overseas destinations?

Want to jump aboard and sail for 150+ days a year while still building your business?

Then Allsail might be the lifestyle business opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Allsail has a rich history within the Pittwater sailing community. Mention its name and you’ll get a plethora of people who recognise it. Launched in the late ‘80s, Allsail is now a Pittwater institution.

Allsail is also fully accredited by Australian Sailing and affiliated with Australian Sailing, Discover Sailing and International Yacht Training Worldwide so club members receive the best in benefits.

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Want to sail, but don’t own a boat? Why not own this business instead?

Stunning location

Allsail finds its home in the suburb of Church Point, on sparkling Pittwater. In fact, Allsail has been a Pittwater resident for over 30 years!

Discover Allsail’s iconic location

Enviable lifestyle

Inarguably, one of the best parts of the deal is the lifestyle that Allsail offers.

Whether you want to sit back and work in the cosy HQ in Church Point or explore some of the world’s best overseas cruising grounds while you conduct business, the choice is yours.

You can choose to work to a full-time schedule or do something on a part-time basis.

Because as far as the hours are concerned, it’s up to you. It really is the ultimate lifestyle change.

If you’ve been thinking about a sea change – this is the way to do it! Get yourself an exciting new lifestyle at the helm of Allsail.

Discover the amazing Allsail lifestyle.

The assets

From its perfect Pittwater location and impressive fleet to its one of a kind lifestyle and multiple revenue streams, Allsail offers a total package that is hard to beat.

Discover Allsail’s bounty of assets.

The opportunities

Allsail offers an attractive five-tier revenue stream via club membership, chartering, sail training, boat share / yacht share, regattas and events such as overseas flotillas to amazing destinations.

The opportunities to expand are endless, whether you want to add additional charter boats, grow the yacht share fleet, offer more courses, or organise additional trips and events… the choice is yours!

Discover the amazing opportunities that Allsail offers.


Could Allsail be the lifestyle change you’ve been waiting for?

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