An enviable lifestyle

Allsail will give you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Truly. From genuine working flexibility to bountiful days out on the water, Allsail will definitely please both the entrepreneur looking to create some magic and the true sailor at heart.

The ultimate sea change

If you’re looking to replace the dull palette of corporate life and finally put in the time to really enjoy and indulge your boating passions, Allsail might just be the perfect choice for you.

Allsail’s history and background are all about sea change.

Its previous owners have all decided to pack in their corporate lives and live the life they’ve always wanted to live, out on the water.

150+ days on the water!

With Allsail, you can enjoy at least 150 amazing days on the water, whether sailing or racing.

Even more exciting is that 35 of those days are most likely to be spent overseas racing in regattas and cruising in your organised flotillas.

Allsail organised overseas trips are always a highlight of the annual sailing calendar with an impressive repeat customer record.

From Phuket to Tonga to the Mediterranean and beyond, the world is yours to explore…and you’re earning while you do so!

Flexible schedule

Allsail offers the working schedule that many of us dream of. It’s completely flexible and it’s all up to you. Whether you want to invest full-time hours into the business or just a few days per week – it’s your decision.

Plus, you have the freedom to work either in-office or remotely. Have you ever dreamed of being able to work and build your business while sailing along the Adriatic Sea? Allsail makes it happen.

Party time!

Socialising and having fun is definitely on the agenda for Allsail.

From parties to raft-ups, Allsail makes sure plenty of fun is had by all. Are you ready to take on this amazing lifestyle business?

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Unique business opportunity | Brilliant Businesses