Endless opportunities

Allsail offers an attractive and recurring revenue stream via five channels:

  • Club membership
  • Chartering
  • Boat share
  • Sail training
  • Regattas, social events and overseas holidays (which provide GST-free revenue)

So, if you just want a new working lifestyle there’s no need to change a thing! Allsail is very profitable and ready for its new owner to take over the helm.

However, with a 30+ year legacy to build on, if you have ambitions to grow the business as far as future expansion is concerned, there are lots of opportunities to take this unique business to the next level.

Some ideas for expansion include:

  • Increase the Club membership
  • Attract new investors to meet a growing demand for non-equity boat share sailors
  • Expand the charter fleet – both another catamaran and a monohull are needed to satisfy the likely 2020 demand as chartering on Pittwater remains popular yet other operators fleets are diminishing
  • Run additional overseas trips
  • Expand the program of regattas and races
  • Open a second location
  • Offer more sail training courses through the affiliations with Australian Sailing, Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Centre and IYT Worldwide Partner School

Allsail -graphic

Much of this should easily be achieved with a stronger focus on social and digital marketing.

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