A Lucrative Lifestyle Business Opportunity
Perfect for Motorcycling Enthusiasts
Live the Dream Lifestyle
Seize A Unique Business Opportunity
Sell the Best Brands
Benefit from Multiple Income Streams
Enjoy Unforgettable Experiences

A Unique Opportunity

This is your chance to own a long-standing, well regarded and highly profitable motorcycle dealership. Not only is the Dalby Moto business available for purchase, but there is also an option to acquire the real estate the business occupies.

Dalby Moto would suit a single entrepreneur, a partnership or a family – undoubtedly appealing to multiple generations wanting to work together in the motorcycle industry.

This unique opportunity offers it all; an enviable lifestyle,  ample opportunity to pursue your motorcycling dreams, involvement with international leading brands, the benefit of multiple income streams, and community engagement in the highly desirable and affordable Dalby – a beautiful place to call home.

If you are passionate about all things moto, one thing is for sure – you won’t want to let this opportunity slip by. To express your interest, contact Brilliant Businesses today.

Going strong after 34 years

Motorcycle enthusiast Craig Hartley used to work as a postie delivering the mail on a push bike to Dalby Moto when it was trading as Dalby Ag & Vet.

With a passion for all things motorcycling, and having been racing them for 10 years, when Craig heard the business was up for sale he knew it was an opportunity that was too good to miss and he wasted no time in buying it.

Back then in 1984, it was set-up to service the local agriculture industries very well – but Craig saw opportunity and he and his wife Robyn set about to expand the thriving business to cater for the rapidly developing off-road and adventure riding markets.

Growth followed in every part of the business; from steady revenue increases to acquiring some of the best brands in riding. It’s no wonder Dalby Moto is one of the longest standing dealers in the region – its location is not just a pleasure to live in – it’s also the heartland of industry and rural culture.

In addition to being a backbone of the local agriculture industry, Dalby Moto boasts multiple income streams that intersect to create a highly profitable and stable business model with opportunity at every turn.

But after 34 years in the driving seat, its time for Craig and Robyn to move on…

… they are keen to pass Dalby Moto on to a new owner who will continue to grow it with the same passion and enthusiasm they have brought to the business over the years.

This lucky new owner will be able to walk straight into this thriving business and enjoy an enviable lifestyle creating the motorcycling memories that dreams are made of.

Unbeatable Brands

Dalby Moto proudly retails and services the best brands in motorcycles and ATVs – Honda, Yamaha and KTM.

Each is known for building long-lasting, high-performing machines – attributes that are particularly sought-after for off-road and agricultural use.

KTM is well known for high quality European racing Enduro, Motocross and Adventure bikes and more recently are in to the road bike market with bikes now racing in MOTO 3, 2 and Moto GP. Honda and Yamaha are the two biggest selling motorcycle brands in the world. To walk into business with all these leading brands under one roof is incredibly rare. It’s something that’s only been made possible by decades of hard work and dedication from the current owners.

With an established presence in the commercial and agricultural industries, Toro Mowers are a straightforward choice for Dalby Moto customers. Complimenting the already iconic brands at Dalby Moto, Toro Mowers represent a steady and consistent income stream.

Multiple Income Streams

As a full-service dealership, Dalby Moto provides Sales, Servicing and Parts & Accessories to surrounding agriculture businesses, property owners and recreational riders.

Supported by the Finance & Insurance department, each section of the business operates as an independent yet complimentary source of income.

Dalby Moto’s stellar reputation and passion for good service has also created a national presence – with bikes, ATVs, and spare parts being shipped all across Australia.

Appealing Lifestyle

Taking ownership of Dalby Moto is as much a lifestyle choice as a business one. As one of the leading dealerships in Yamaha, Honda and KTM motorcycles, you’ll jump straight into the deep-end of riding culture. Paid dealer conferences and sponsored trips to far corners of the earth have been part and parcel of the Dalby Moto experience. You’ll also be able to access the latest and greatest motorcycles, engage with local riding events and generally live all things motorcycles.

Dalby - At the Crossroads of the Darling Downs

Temperate, picturesque and peaceful, Dalby is the sort of place most people dream of living in. And many do – with a vibrant local culture, schools, amenities and recreation abound. But as a business owner, what makes Dalby truly special?

With six main roads all feeding into Dalby, this thriving town operates as both a hub and thoroughfare for the Darling Downs region. Surrounded by fertile land, the area is rich with agricultural and livestock farming, as well as manufacturing and energy industries. These industries each use ag-bikes, ATVs, spare parts and servicing, creating a constant flow of business at the dealership.

And it’s not just booming industry that utilises Dalby Moto’s bustling location – it’s also the vibrant surrounding community; made possible by a prosperous local economy.

Heart of the Community

Involvement in trade shows and events within the Darling Downs and across Queensland has, over the years, been a vital part of stimulating new and repeat business.

The owners of Dalby Moto have gone a step further by creating and sponsoring the Dalby Moto Trail Series since the early 1990s.

This series has become a vital part of the off-road riding scene in the area.

Events take place all across Queensland and NSW, and allow Dalby to both connect with the local community and stimulate trade in off-road and adventure riding.

For the new owner of Dalby Moto, taking part in unique and fun community events will be as much a personal activity as a professional one. Stimulate business by giving back to local riders and families – all whilst pursuing your own passion.

That’s a win / win for everyone!