A Lucrative Lifestyle Business Opportunity
Perfect for Motorcycling Enthusiasts

Community Engagement

Community Engagement
Personal Lifestyle

Personal Lifestyle

Without a doubt, the day-to-day of Dalby Moto involves living and breathing one thing – motorcycles.

For someone with a passion for riding, there isn’t anything better…

… and the new owner of Dalby Moto will have the freedom to test-ride the latest cutting-edge models and fully immerse themselves in riding culture.

With an existing stake in national riding events and shows, the new owner of Dalby Moto can jump straight into the a deeply ingrained and popular part of Australia’s identity.

Fostering long-term relationships with premier brands Honda, Yamaha and KTM has come with immeasurable benefits for the owners of Dalby Moto.

All three brands host dealer conferences overseas and across Australia, including sponsored trips, rides, shows and leisure time.

As the owner of Dalby Moto, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of the latest ATVs, motorcycles and adventure riding…


… and more often than not, sponsored trips mean you won’t have to put a hand in your pocket.

Recently, Craig returned from a 2-week-long riding trip in India, spanning 2,500kms, and sharing the experience with some loyal Dalby Moto customers.

Riding, seeing the world, and running a successful business?

As the owner of Dalby Moto, mixing business and pleasure has never been so good.

The Dalby Moto Trail Series

The Dalby Moto Trail Series

Early in the 1990s, trail riding began to rise as both a recreational and competitive sport in Australia.

It was around this time, amongst the rugged terrain of inland Queensland, the Dalby Moto Trail Series was born.

The Dalby Moto Trail Series features 17 seperate trail rides located throughout the south of Queensland and the north of New South Wales. Each ride is hosted once a year on private property, with funds going straight to local parents and citizens associations.

All ages are welcome, creating an amazing family day out, multiple days a year, all across the region.

Check out the 2018 Trail Ride Series dates here.

The Dalby Moto Trail series has been one of the key factors to maintaining Dalby Moto’s far-reaching and rock-solid reputation. As the proprietor of the event, you and your family would always have the opportunity to get involved, socialise and have fun at these yearly rides.

So far, the Dalby Moto Trail Series has generated over 12,000 email addresses for Dalby Moto, many of which are large families with multiple riders who shop and service with the dealership.

The trail series has cemented Dalby Moto’s status as a leading off-road and trail riding retailer. This reputation feeds back into customer loyalty, represented in a high turnover of spare parts and workshop services. Workshop and spare parts sales create a cornerstone of Dalby Moto’s yearly profit, complimenting the sales of new and used bikes, ATVs and mowers.