A Lucrative Lifestyle Business Opportunity
Perfect for Motorcycling Enthusiasts



Honda is the largest motorcycle dealer in Japan, and has been since 1955. The brand is well known for making robust, hard-wearing machines that perform exceptionally well. As the best known brand on the market, the very presence of Honda motorcycles assures a steady stream of new and repeat business at Dalby Moto. 

With Honda’s success in almost every competitive motorcycle scene, experienced and new riders alike instantly recognise the distinctive red fairings and branding of Honda motorcycles.

Their off-road and farming products are an easy choice for those in the agriculture looking for powerful, long-lasting ag-bikes, SSVs and ATVs.

Reliability and positive word-of-mouth leads many consumers to instantly choose a Honda motorcycle – they were the the highest volume seller of motorcycles with 23.2 per cent of the overall market share in 2017.