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Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories


Complimenting the Sales and Service areas of the business perfectly, parts and accessories represent a reliable, consistent income stream for Dalby Moto.

Genuine KTM, Yamaha and Honda parts can only be bought from an authorised dealer such as Dalby Moto. This guarantees spare parts sales to a very large audience, while cementing Dalby Moto’s position and as a premium motorcycle retailer.


Genuine parts and accessories represent a significant and profitable revenue stream for Dalby Moto, with aftermarket products available to satisfy customers looking for cheaper or rarer products.

Dalby Moto also has several long-standing relationships with wholesalers who provide quality products from headlights through to helmets.


Customers can access genuine and aftermarket spark plugs, filters, sprockets, tyres, chains, gaskets, fairings, nuts, bolts and anything else they need for their motorcycle or mower.

Some customers buy these parts to take home for DIY servicing, but most will be allocated to the service department, making both revenue streams highly complimentary.


Spare parts are retailed over the counter, sold by phone, and mailed all over the country to a wide range of clients including farmers, graziers, road, trail and adventure riders. Mail order clients are situated mainly in South Qld, with sales sometimes reaching nationally.

By retaining knowledgeable staff members in the Spare Parts department, Dalby Moto is able maintain a loyal base of customers who look to the dealership as an authority on motorcycle and ATV knowledge.

Retail accessories include safety gear such as helmets and boots, but also expand to purchases of branded apparel, saddlebags and other secondary riding accessories.

In addition to traditional retailing avenues, accessories such as body armour, riding jackets and gloves are often included as part of motorcycle sales. This provides the Sales Department  with additional bargaining power – representing great value to the customer without a large impact to Dalby Moto’s bottom line.