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Sales - New & Used

Sales - New & Used

A real sight to behold, the Dalby Moto floorplan holds Yamaha, Honda and KTM automotive products alongside the newly acquired Toro Mowers. With the expansion of the Dalby premises underway, the opportunity exists to expand size of the showroom even further.

Stocking some of the best brands on and off the road, the Dalby Moto inventory generates significant sales from customers all around Australia. Long-term, experienced staff regularly win customers over with knowledgeability and honest advice. Dalby Moto’s good reputation attracts customers from all over Australia, with many bikes being shipped to customers across cross the country. Many of the business’ bike sales are acquired by referral from happy customers.

Each new and used bike sale represents an opportunity to cross sell products and services in other areas of the business.

Deals can often be brought over the line with the inclusion of riding gear and accessories, while repeat business is ensured through Dalby Moto’s well-equipped service workshop and spare parts department.


With a singular shop, loyal salesmen and a long-standing reputation, the Sales area of the business is well trusted among the community – particularly when compared to large competing chains.

Trade-ins and consignment sales also represent a sustainable source of income for the Sales Team.


The inventory of Yamaha, Honda, KTM and Toro products includes new and used:

  • Road bikes
  • Off-road agricultural bikes
  • Trail bikes
  • Motocross bikes
  • Quad bikes
  • Side-by-side buggies
  • Adventure bikes
  • Kids’ minibikes
  • Zero Turn Mowers

Customers often enquire in person, by email and over the phone. The demographics shopping with Dalby Moto are wide, including farmers, trail/motocross riders, road riders and recreational riders such as families and adventure riders.