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Meet the Team

Brimming with knowledge and a passion for what they do, Dalby Moto’s team are much like parts in a good engine; working in unison to drive the business forward.

The team are entirely aware that the business is up for sale, and they all have indicated they intend to stay with the business when it changes hands.

Craig Hartley - Owner

Craig Hartley - Owner

Craig Hartley owns and manages the business, controls the new bike floor plans, orders new stock in promotion guidelines and sells motorcycles. He has been part of the business for 34 years, and intends to temporarily stay on board for a handover period.

Craig has ridden hundreds of thousands of kilometres on a variety of bikes and is regarded as a legend in the moto industry.

He is regularly asked to write for a number of industry magazines – for example, here’s his report on the 2017 KTM Adventure Rally.

Getting to meet and ride with the likes of Dakar Champion, Toby Price, Past Moto GP and Australian Champion, Daryl Beattie, past Australian and World MX Runner up Jeff Leisk, as well as many other well known identities in the motorcycling world, is all taken for granted in the role of owner of Dalby Moto.

Robyn Hartley - Owner

Robyn Hartley looks after creditors, debtors, wages and follows up on insurance claims and policies and generally has an eye on all areas in the main office.

Robyn is Craig’s wife and intends to also stay on board for a short handover period.

The Managers

Laurie Volker

Laurie Volker brings a wealth of knowledge to Daly Moto having been with the business for 30 years. His primary role is to sell and manage genuine spare parts.

James Acason

James Acason has been with Dalby Moto for 4 years as Spares and Accessories Interpreter. He’s now moving into motorcycle sales and as a 21 year old super keen motorcycle enthusiast who already owns 5 motorcycles, James’ technical knowledge and passion for the industry makes him ideally suited to this new role.

Chris Kiepe

Chris Kiepe is the Service Manager and is responsible for management of the Service Department, booking bikes in, invoicing finished jobs and workshop enquiries. Chris is only young but has a lot of energy and enthusiasm and gets on well with clients.

Braedon Pate

At 24 years old and new to the spares and accessories team, Braedon brings 4 years experience in the motorcycle industry with extensive knowledge of spare parts and motorcycle assembly.

The Technicians

Nick Leggatt

In his mid 30’s Nick Leggatt has spent most of his working life as a high quality Technician at Dalby Moto. Nick is an avid off-road rider with a collection of restored vintage Honda CR motocross bikes.

Andrew (Eddie) Edwards

Andrew (Eddie) Edwards has over 30 years experience working on all types of equipment, but primarily motorcycles. Riding is his passion with over 35 bikes in his collection.

Blake Stark

Blake Stark is 21 years old and has spent most of his working life at Dalby Moto and is now doing an apprenticeship. He works with Dalby Moto after returning from the army where an ankle injury saw him discharged.

Jack Leahy

Jack Leahy is doing work experience in the workshop and comes from a trade back ground with his father. We hope he may start an apprenticeship in the near future to keep him in our system as he is a very mechanically apt young man.

Finance & Administration

Lisa Ballinger

Lisa Ballinger is the Finance Manager, responsible for monthly, quarterly and annual reports to be sent to either banks or the accountant for final reporting.

Camelle Kennedy

Camelle Kennedy is in charge of finance and insurance as well as helping in the admin department. Camelle also enters all sales of new and used motorcycles, as well as following through with warranty and cash back claims on new sales.