A Lucrative Lifestyle Business Opportunity
Perfect for Motorcycling Enthusiasts



Yamaha is a hugely popular Japanese brand with global motorcycle sales second only to Honda.

In 2017, Yamaha Motorcycles produced 21,387 units across all segments – reflective of the high demand for their products at Dalby Moto and across Australia.

By creating tough, long-lasting machines, Yamaha products have become synonymous with quality. The recognisable presence of the Yamaha branding scheme brings in significant interest in every area of Dalby Moto’s business model.

Yamaha is also successful in competitive motorcycle scenes, winning 39 World Championships in racing and sponsoring several successful riders. This makes it an attractive brand for many customers participating in the Dalby Moto Trail Series, as well as those looking for recreational and agricultural motorcycles in the general Darling Downs area.