The numbers don't lie ... the incredible reach of digital marketing when selling your business

The numbers don't lie ... the incredible reach of digital marketing when selling your business

If you’re considering using a business broker to sell your business, one of the first questions you’ll want to be answered is how do they find buyers for your business?

Here’s where proactive business brokers have a huge advantage over traditional business brokers who generally list your business amongst hundreds of others and wait for potential buyers to see it.

A proactive business broker takes a completely different approach, using digital marketing to put your business in front of thousands of potential buyers when they are surfing the internet and social media.

But just how many buyers can digital marketing reach?

We caught up with Brilliant Businesses’ director and business broker, David Biddle, to take a closer look at some of Brilliant Businesses’ most recent listings and to see just what the numbers really reveal about the incredible reach of digital marketing.

Over one quarter of a MILLION targeted people have seen the Dalby Moto Campaign

Over one quarter of a MILLION targeted people have seen the Dalby Moto Campaign

Dalby Moto is a long-standing, well regarded and highly profitable motorcycle dealership.

To sell this business, Brilliant Businesses firstly built a bespoke website that showcased the lucrative lifestyle this business opportunity offers to the new owners, including involvement with international leading brands, the benefit of multiple income streams and community engagement in the highly desirable and affordable Dalby.

And then the 12-week digital marketing campaign commenced.

“We used two different Facebook ads targeted to motorcycle enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and mechanics,” says David, “and the reach has been absolutely phenomenal.

Over a quarter of a MILLION targeted people saw the Facebook campaign!

Campaign one was seen by 178,442 people and campaign two was seen by 87,943 … that’s a mind-blowing total of 266,385 people.

The Facebook posts generated good social engagement, with comments and sharing, including a total of 338 Likes, 163 Comments and 98 Shares.

We also ran Google retargeting ads with display banners, which means anyone who has been on the Brilliant Businesses website will see banners for the current listing.

For Dalby Moto this retargeting reached 66,000 people over the campaign period.

In total, our digital marketing campaign has driven 8427 visitors to the bespoke For Sale website. This resulted in enquiries from 37 people, seven of whom proceeded to review the Information Memorandum.

We now have three parties currently reviewing due diligence and I’m very optimistic an offer will be forthcoming soon.”

18 potential buyers found for Fishermen’s Wharf Seafoods

18 potential buyers found for Fishermen’s Wharf Seafoods

Fishermen’s Wharf Seafoods is a multi-award winning and iconic lifestyle business that enjoys two highly profitable income streams from its two retail stores:

Fishermen’s Wharf Seafoods and Bub’s Fish and Chips.

According to David Biddle, the Fisherman’s Wharf Seafoods’ campaign has been as equally successful as the Dalby Moto digital marketing campaign.

“Once we finished building the bespoke ‘for sale’ website for Fisherman’s Wharf, we then created two Facebook ads to showcase the incredible opportunities this business offers to the new owners.

We had a Facebook reach of over 280,000 people, which generated good social engagement, including a total of 249 Likes, 225 Comments and 61 Shares. The Google retargeting ads with display banners were seen by over 355,000 people!

Our digital marketing has driven 8427 visitors to the bespoke For Sale website.

To date we have had 73 enquiries about the business and 18 potential buyers have signed NDAs and proceeded to request the Information Memorandum.

An ideal buyer has now been identified and negotiations are well underway. Once finance has been secured I anticipate a deal will be completed very soon.”

The numbers don’t lie...

The numbers don’t lie...

When business broker, David Biddle, sold his own business using the power of content rich websites and fast moving digital marketing techniques…

…he achieved a great financial outcome in three months, with 20 signed non-disclosure agreements and three serious buyers fighting over the business.

It was a similar story again when David sold Team Windcraft.

Here, the digital marketing reached 550,000 unique viewers leading to 9,500 visitors to the For Sale website and 68 firm expressions of interest.

If you’d like to find out more about how the incredible reach of digital marketing gives Brilliant Businesses the edge in attracting both ACTIVE and PASSIVE buyers for your business, contact us.