What services should you look for in your business broker?

If you’re looking to engage a business broker to help you sell your business, you might be wondering exactly what services you should expect your business broker to provide for you.

Broker services vary widely depending on the experience and skill set of the broker.

But there is actually so much more to selling a business than simply listing the business for sale, waiting for a buyer to come along and negotiating the final price.

A professional and proactive business broker will also provide you with an extensive range of brokerage services that put you

in the very position to find yourself a buyer who is willing to pay the highest possible price for your business…

…well before that final shake of the hand and the signing on the dotted line.

Valuing your business

Valuing your business

Business valuation is complicated for a variety of reasons. Not only are no two businesses alike, but business profitability and market conditions are constantly changing, so the value of all businesses will fluctuate over time.

Then there are the emotional factors both a buyer and a seller bring to the table.

What you think your business is worth and what a potential buyer is willing to pay for your business are two totally different figures.

An accredited and experienced business broker will have the ability to assess your business from an impartial perspective, providing you with an objective viewpoint and a realistic understanding of the true market value of your business.

Securely organising your information

Securely organising your information

Your broker will also help you make your business easier to sell by organising and documenting all of the essential business information that will be useful to a buyer into one central location.

Our innovative Brilliant Businesses’ Data Vaults are a secure cloud-based document storage facility for all of the important documentation stakeholders need, with real-time access for everybody.

Due diligence documents, a comprehensive business report and business disclosure form will all be prepared in advance of listing your business for sale.

Creating a growth plan

Creating a growth plan

By creating a growth plan, your broker helps potential buyers see the opportunities for expansion and diversification, showcasing the full potential and financial value of your business.

Your growth plan also allows buyers to emotionally connect with your business and visualise how they would really make it their own.

And the process of creating your growth plan also gives you the opportunity to identify and fix any problems in your business before you go to market.

Telling your story for you

Telling your story for you

The better you tell your story…

…the more you can get for your business.

Instead of listing limited details of your business amongst hundreds of other available businesses on a larger business-for-sale website and waiting for the buyers to come to you, at Brilliant Businesses we take a different approach.

We build you a bespoke “for sale” website just for your business alone…

…a superb website that communicates the value of all your hard work to potential buyers and really makes your business stand out from the rest.

Bringing the buyers to you

Bringing the buyers to you

Once your website is live your broker will pro-actively bring the buyers to you using a targeted marketing campaign for your business.

This will involve a mixture of social media advertising and retargeting, search engine optimisation, database marketing…

…and organic social media posting to drive traffic to your website and deliver qualified leads.

By using the power of storytelling and digital marketing…

…they put your business in front of thousands of potential buyers when they are surfing the internet and social media, even attracting people who are not actively looking to buy a business, but when the opportunity is presented to them they are immediately engaged and emotionally sold.

Providing overall deal management

Providing overall deal management

Saving you time and stress, your business broker will be the contact person who’ll answer any questions potential purchasers might have about the business, as well as scheduling appointments to inspect your premises.

Your business broker will also screen potential purchasers to ensure they are financially qualified to buy your business…

…and liaise with all of the necessary lawyers, accountants and financial advisors.

This means that while your business broker is guiding buyers through the entire sale process, you can focus on ensuring your business is run as profitably as possible.

Negotiating the best deal for you

Negotiating the best deal for you

All of the other services your broker provides lead up to the crucial moment where your broker completes your business sale as smoothly and quickly as possible whilst achieving the best possible price on the terms that suit you.

But even after the deal has been done there’s still work to do. Your broker will simplify the settlement process for you, by helping facilitate the transfer of things like business leases, registration documents, bank accounts, contracts, memberships and business names.

And because everything’s thoroughly prepared and easily accessible in the cloud, your sale will be completed as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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