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Our 5 step process explained



We put your business one step ahead

Because our approach generates a lot of interest fast… we need to make sure we are completely organised before we push GO on the marketing machine.

And while we understand there’s a need for speed, we also realise you might need a little more time or some extra help to ensure your business is ready for sale.

We spend a day with you at your business premises, so together we can work through a tried and tested strategy we’ve developed over many years at Brilliant Digital.

We quickly get up to speed with your business, prepare a business report, ensure all your due diligence documents are in order and in the cloud, and formulate a plan to market it.

Being very organised keeps us one step ahead of the buyers at all stages – vital during the negotiation process. So as soon as they’re ready to buy…you’re already in a position to sell.



We tell your story for you

Everyone has a story to tell, and we tell your story for you by building a superb website that communicates the value of all your hard work to potential buyers and really stands out from the rest.

Because the better you tell your story…the more you can get for your business.

In the words of Marcus, one of our sellers: “When I met David and he told me about his experience selling his own business, it made perfect sense. We were aware of the traditional ways of selling a business, but David and Deb had more of a blue sky approach; they were innovative and proposing an online solution.”

We use our digital marketing knowledge and experience as well as all the resources of our sister company Brilliant Digital to make sure every ounce of your business’s value is clear for buyers to see.

And by taking care of the website design and development and all the content including photography and video (using drones if they add value) we ensure that we showcase your business in the very best possible way.



We bring the buyers to you

Here’s where it gets really interesting…traditional business brokers generally list your business amongst hundreds of others and then they sit back and wait for potential buyers to see it.

We take a very different approach. An approach which we believe gives you an unfair advantage.

By using the power of storytelling and digital marketing, we pro-actively put your business in front of thousands of potential buyers when they are surfing the internet and social media. One click and they are on your very own, very cool new website…

We even attract people who are not actively looking to buy a business, but when the opportunity is presented to them they are immediately engaged and emotionally sold.

In the words of  David Biddle: “One couple were visibly shaking with excitement as they approached the premises of the business. They said would have written out the cheque there and then if they’d had money in the bank!”



We get the deal done

Your business is a huge asset. There’s a lot at stake, so we we take the negotiations extremely seriously.

We bridge the gap between buyer and seller, taking a hands-on, customised approach and carefully negotiate on your behalf…always working with your best interests in mind.

All stakeholders are kept informed and because everyone has access to all the necessary documents in the cloud-based Data Vault, the process is efficient and there’s no time wasted chasing documents.

Anthony, a buyer, particularly loved the Data Vault concept. “There had obviously been a huge amount of work done – there was easy access to the information. Being able to start the Due Diligence process with everything there was really good.”

We’ve teamed up with highly experienced legal professionals who understand the tactics of potential buyers, take a proactive approach and think outside the box if necessary.

And the end result? We’ve even had clients fighting to buy our businesses.



We get the best price in the shortest time

As with many things in life… the devil is in the detail and the due diligence process of selling a business can be tricky to navigate.

The harsh reality is that business sales often fall over at this final stage due to gaps in the due diligence.

Our tried and tested lawyer specialises in business sales and will always protect your interests. But even if you prefer to use your own lawyer, we’ll help ensure your contracts are watertight… so you’ll always be one step ahead of the buyer and firmly in control.

We simplify the entire settlement process for you, helping facilitate the transfer of things like business leases, registration documents, bank accounts, contracts, memberships and business names.

And because everything’s thoroughly prepared and easily accessible in the cloud, your sale will be completed as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Brilliant Businesses – Delivering a Complete Business Sale Solution.

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