Why it’s Time to Change the Way Businesses are Sold

Why it’s Time to Change the Way Businesses are Sold

Just imagine for a moment, a jaded executive is on the train coming home from work on a Friday evening.

…he’s over the 2 hour commute to work each day, the long hours and the overseas business trips

…the high rise city office which was once exciting is soul-less and office politics are getting him down

…his boss expects more and more output for nothing in return

…he hasn’t seen his children before bedtime in a week and his partner is on his case for working so hard and too late most nights.

There’s got to be a better life than this – surely?

While browsing his Facebook feed, up pops an ad for an exciting lifestyle business. Well that’s got his attention.

Could this be the opportunity he’s been looking for?

Just one click, and he’s on your very cool new website. Here’s all the information on a great business based around he’s passionate about! Imagine the chance to make a living doing what you love.

By the time he’s arrived home he can see a future. An exciting future. He can’t wait to discuss the possibility with his partner.

How businesses were sold in the “not so good old” days

How businesses were sold in the “not so good old” days

For years the traditional approach to selling a business was to place an advert in the classified section of a local newspaper or more recently in a specific business broking publication or listing website.

There weren’t really many other options.

All you could then do was sit back and keep your fingers crossed that a prospect would see your advertising and be sufficiently intrigued to pick up the phone and make a call to you or your broker.

Basically you had to wait for the buyer to come to you, instead of you proactively targeting the buyer.

Only then would you have a lead to work with.

Nowadays these “traditional” brokers will try and convince you that they keep a list of “active buyers”…

…but of course the reality is the internet is now the “go-to” place for buying anything, so the internet is where all the “active buyers” really are!

Telling your story to every individual lead takes time and energy

Telling your story to every individual lead takes time and energy

And having told it a few times the enthusiasm begins to wane. You and your broker become jaded and the longer the process continues the harder it becomes to attract the right buyer at the right price.

It’s no wonder that selling a business took ages – sometimes a year or more.

And this then became the norm and set the expectation for the next sale.


Just imagine trying to maintain the enthusiasm and energy to keep the business going for so long after you’ve made the decision to sell?

And a lengthy sale process is unsettling for your team and your customers as well as for you.

Quite simply, it’s time to change the way businesses are sold to match the way modern buyers buy.

A new innovative approach to selling your business

A new innovative approach to selling your business

It’s time to challenge the status quo and adopt a new innovative approach that makes the lives of business owners easier. Because after all…you’ve built a great business, so don’t you deserve a quick and smooth exit with a rewarding financial outcome?

When you sell your business via a “For Sale” website, you’re not only able to proactively put showcasing your business online in front of potential buyers, but you’re also using the reach of Facebook and Google, amongst others,

who have spent years compiling a wealth of data on consumer behaviour able to use the incredible reach of digital marketing to proactively put it in front of potential buyers.

Using the wealth of data on consumer behaviour compiled by Facebook and Google, amongst others, you can tap into more strategically targeted prospective purchasers. They already know what we like, what we buy, how we buy it.

They can even predict with a great degree of accuracy what we will like and what we will buy in the future.

That’s so powerful – and best of all they are happy to share that information with us.

Marketing has entered a new era

Marketing has entered a new era

Think about it – even TV advertising is being forced to change.

Whereas we once dutifully sat through TV ads absorbing the information (or used them as an opportunity to put the kettle on), TV on-demand means it’s now more likely we’ll simply fast forward over the ads.

And even if we can’t access this technology, more often than not we’ll reach for our Smartphones and tablets and use the ad breaks to check emails and our Facebook feeds.

And as more and more content moves online, traditional print and media advertising is dying a quick death. Newspapers are thinner than ever. When was the last time you looked at the Classifieds section in your local paper?

Rather than casting a wide net and hoping to reach a prospect, savvy marketeers can now implement digital marketing strategies that put products and services directly in front of the their target markets.

Not only that, but they can arrange for prospects to receive targeted marketing at a time and on a platform where it’s most likely to have maximum impact.

Results like this are easy to achieve

Results like this are easy to achieve

What this means for you is that there has never been a better opportunity for you to proactively position your business in front of potential purchasers when they are surfing the internet and using social media.

It’s a highly targeted approach. It’s super effective. And its very low cost so delivers an awesome return on investment.

But here’s the really clever part. It also reaches unaware buyers and hence a much wider audience. And that is pure gold.

Results like this are easy to achieve.

It’s simply a case of recognising that your buyers are not always pro-actively looking to buy a business.

But put a great opportunity that sparks their interest in front of them, at the right time and on the right platform and all of a sudden you’ve grabbed their attention and are reaching a much wider targeted audience that would otherwise never have been looking for a business to buy.

That’s a powerful proposition.