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Sale of Team Windcraft

Challenge: To find the right buyer for Australia and New Zealand’s leading yacht importer within a limited time period

Expand the reach of marketing campaigns beyond the immediate database presenting the opportunity to qualified parties

Proactively seek out a buyer by creating a dedicated sales website that fully details the:

– unique lifestyle inherent in the business

– the strength of the brands and

– the extensive community of sailors and industry specialists that make up the character and personality of the business.


Process: Create a content rich website that connects prospective buyers to the essence of the business, the purity of the sailing experience, the loyalty of the community and the opportunity to acquire a business with all the necessary support.

Marketing campaigns were carefully targeted at specific online areas to deliver the right calibre of potential buyer who may exist outside of traditional sales scoops.

Numbers: Digital Marketing reached 550,000 unique viewers leading to 9,500 visitors to the For Sale website. This yielded 68  firm Expressions of Interest.

Result: A hand picked buyer who fits the company perfectly was identified and a great ongoing relationship between seller and buyer was established, ensuring the integrity of the sale and the success of the business. The complex sale was accomplished over a short period of time (5 months).


Finding a new owner for the largest Australian and New Zealand Yacht importer is a little like finding a perfect life partner – there had to be common thinking around all facets of the business, there had to be commitment to and understanding of the nature of the business and the extent to which this is a lifestyle not just a day job.

Both Peter Hrones, who over 18 years had built the business up through rolling expansions and careful management, and Anthony Bishop, who was intrigued by the opportunities the family business could offer him, agree.

“Selling a business of this ilk is similar to selling your children – it just has to be right,” says Peter, who has agreed to stay with the company  as a “big boat consultant” over the next few years.

For buyer Anthony, it was an opportunity that passed in front of him that he would have always wondered about, had he not pursued it.

“The For Sale website was convenient and meant that I could look through all the details at my leisure. As I proceeded through the process, more information became available to me.


“The Data Vault concept – I loved it. There had obviously been a huge amount of work done – there was easy access to the information. Being able to start the Due Diligence process with everything there was really good.”

“For the sale to have come through in the time that it did, especially over the Christmas period, there were so many stars that had to align,” says Anthony.

For Peter, the only moment of concern was about whether there was more he should be doing.

“At times I wondered if it was all too easy – once the strategy decisions had been made and the website was created there was little for me to do. Selling an Agency is not as easy as selling a business like a gym; being able to talk to David throughout the process and talk about the various relationships that needed care, was reassuring.”

“Ultimately, I was able to see things from the buyers point of view – if it was me buying the business, I would have looked at it the same way,” says Peter.

“The agreement was there – David Biddle, Co-Founder of Brilliant Businesses, assisted us by working directly with the lawyers to get the paperwork and requirements to back up what we both wanted.”


Team Windcrafts’ partnership with Brilliant Digital goes back seven years, with the business benefitting extensively from the successful ongoing digital marketing strategies in place.

Teaming up with Deb Jeffreys and David Biddle to market and sell the business simply made sense.

The innovative approach to harnessing all the latest technology trends and the skills of experts across all necessary disciplines created efficiencies that yielded a high level of exposure and qualified leads.

“There was no need to wade through enquiries that simply did not have what it would take to complete the sale. This saved us a lot of time,” says David.

The Sale website meant that only qualified leads were forwarded for consideration and the process of narrowing it down to exactly the right candidate was much quicker than traditional processes.

“Once my interest was noted, Brilliant Businesses were excellent in responding to me with answers to all the questions I had – and I had a lot!” says Anthony about his purchasing experience. “The banks being able to self service the information they needed from the website was also very convenient – saved me having to respond to each of them individually.”

David is thrilled with the outcome – “Both Peter and Anthony are incredible people and have unique skills and a passion for excellence in business; this has forged a firm collaborative friendship that will mean minimal disruption to the business. Bringing them together has been very satisfying.”

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