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Digital Marketing Clout

Digital Marketing Clout

Windcraft were early adopters of digital marketing. They could clearly see the potential for massive return on investment as buyers started to spend more and more time online.

The team have invested heavily in:
– beautiful, mobile friendly websites which showcase the brands, company and lifestyle
– local content including stories and testimonials which engage buyers quickly and deliver significant organic Google traffic
– digital advertising strategies that exploit the current whitespace of remarketing and competitive targeting
– social media engagement and communities using specifically YouTube and Facebook

Digital Marketing Clout

Investment Delivers Ready to Go Buyers

The Teams’ foresight and subsequent extensive online clout is paying dividends in terms of delivering informed and ready to go buyers.

Windcraft have sold a number of boats directly from website to buyers they didn’t previously have on the database.

The websites are all state of the art and responsive to mobile and with their extensive content will continue to deliver leads into the foreseeable future.

Digital Marketing Clout

Effective Database Marketing

Windcraft’s database of clients and prospects is comprehensive – currently 3500+.

Regular contact through digital marketing channels and an online newsletter ensures the company remains front of mind.

All marketing activity is tracked and monitored through an integral CRM system and Google Analytics to ensure it delivers a return on investment.

Windcraft have a long relationship with the digital marketing team at Brilliant Digital who provide marketing strategy, website design and development, content and marketing and digital advertising.

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