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Opportunities for Expansion

Opportunities for Expansion

The opportunities for further expansion of Team Windcraft are massive and offer the new owner lots of exciting possibilities.

The first and obvious thing to do is to expand the Service Centre into a dedicated servicing and commissioning yard and further consolidate the year round income that comes from that.

This facility could be state of the art and further convince owners that Windcraft is the only place to buy a yacht in Australia and New Zealand.

Opportunities for Expansion

Boat Share

Boat share is a tried and tested formula which works really well in Australia. Windcraft’s head office is next door to Smart Boating and over the past 10 years 25 yachts have been sold into their boat share fleet and a solid relationship built.

Further partnerships with syndicate companies could be formed around Australia and New Zealand.


European Pick up

Currently 3 owners pick up their boat up in Europe each year, cruise the Med for a while and then sail home. As baby boomers retire we see more and more people will take advantage of this attractive lifestyle choice. We expect 5-6 boats could be sold this way each year.

This opportunity is now even easier now thanks to an established relationship with a commissioning partner in Europe.

Opportunities for Expansion

New Locations, Charter & Boat Swap

The offices in Melbourne and New Zealand are relatively new… and their rapid rise and penetration of local market share illustrate that a presence on the ground is vital to gaining local trust.

The obvious next places to go are Sydney Harbour with its vibrant yachting community, Queensland, Perth and Hobart.

Government legislation is changing for the better…..

….. with the recognition of European construction standards now opening up the charter industry to Hanse Group brands.

Opportunities for Expansion

And as more and more visitors decide to charter when they come to Australia and New Zealand… the opportunity to make more sales in this area is increasing.

With the rise of Airbnb, the idea of boat swap is also an attractive one.

Hanse Group owners are a passionate community… and if owners knew they could swap with someone who knows their model of boat in a location they have always wanted to visit… the world opens up.

Windcraft has the contacts to get this off the ground. Any new offerings will easily dovetail into Windcraft’s excellent existing digital marketing allowing rapid brand establishment.

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