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Hanse – Mainstream Yachts 31- 67ft

Hanse – Mainstream Yachts 31- 67ft

Hanse yachts are the mainstream brand that initially rocketed the Hanse Group and Windcraft to reach such spectacular success.

The Hanse brand is incredibly popular with everyone from beginners and entry level buyers right through to experienced and high net worth blue water cruisers and racing sailors.

The massive range of size from 31 to 67 feet means there is a perfect boat for most buyers.

The large Hanse yachts are setting the benchmark in production yachts and offer an attractive revenue stream for Windcraft.

Biggest Global Dealer – Consistent Growth Downunder

Team Windcraft is Hanse’s biggest global dealer in the bigger boats and consistently responsible for 7-8% of The Hanse Group’s turnover.

This is an incredible achievement considering the small population of Australia and New Zealand compared to the USA and Europe. It is testament to the strength of the Windcraft brand and the level of service the team delivers.

Every year for the past 18 years Windcraft have taken 3-4% per year of the market share from the other mainstream brands. Currently Hanse Yachts represent 40% of the mainstream new yacht market – and because the Hanse Group continue to innovate and Windcraft customer loyalty is so strong – we expect this upward trend to continue.

Windcraft’s Hanse website with it’s mix of detailed information about the boats, owner and media reviews and community news is enjoyed by around 4000 unique visitors each month. The websites are a significant asset in generating educated leads and direct sales.

Hanse – Mainstream Yachts 31- 67ft

Superb Design – A Sailors Yacht

Hanse yachts are incredibly popular with sailors because, quite simply, they look beautiful and are a joy to sail.

Experienced sailors consistently comment that they sail really, really well.

The Hanse Group have consistently partnered with leading yacht design team Judel/Vrolijk.

The team are famous for designing America’s Cup yacht ‘Alinghi’ the first European craft to win the world’s most prestigious sailing trophy.

Judel/Vrolijk design Hanse’s to be sleek sailors yachts which are also comfortable for long distance cruising. And of course the Hanse original self-tacking headsail was integral to the design from day one as opposed to an after-thought option. The result is a beautifully balanced, high performance cruising yacht that’s easy to sail.

Hanse – Mainstream Yachts 31- 67ft

A Yacht for Every Buyer

For many years the Hanse 400 was Australia’s best selling 40 foot yacht and the market leader. And now as times change and families demand more space to enjoy their sailing lifestyle… the Hanse 455 is the new market leader and the entry point for many buyers.

The Hanse 315 or ‘Pocket Rocket’ has recently burst onto the scene as a fun and exciting sailors yacht with a huge aft cabin. It was recently awarded the prestigious European Yacht of the Year award 2016.

The flagship Hanse 675 offers incredible value in the 70 foot range. There’s a huge amount of interest in this new model with a number of buyers working on individual customisation with our team.

Hanse – Mainstream Yachts 31- 67ft

Constant Innovation

And of course the range offers everything in between. The 345, 385, 415, 505 and 575 are all selling consistently and bringing their new owners the fabulous Hanse lifestyle.

Over the last 18 years the Hanse Group have innovated the Hanse range constantly to stay ahead of the competition… and subsequently have been consistently copied.


The spectacular NEW 588 has a new interior thanks to designer Rossi. This new look will be brought into the entire Hanse range. We expect these will be the best designed interiors of any production yacht.

New models are coming later this year… watch this space… Contact us to for an NDA and to get more information

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