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Moody – Unique in the Market Place

Moody Deck Saloon – Show Stopper

The Moody Deck Saloon is always a show stopper at every boat show… and with no competition and great margins… it’s a fantastic boat to have in our fleet.

The 45 Deck Saloon burst on to the world stage back in 2008 when Peter Hrones bought Hull #1 and sailed up the East Coast of Australia for 3 months with then his young family.

The innovative Bill Dixon design still looks as fresh and exciting as the day it was penned.

Ever popular with long distance blue water and coastal cruisers, this true deck saloon allows owners to enjoy the panorama and still be protected from the elements.

Moody 54DS Unique Market Position

The Moody 54DS  is perfect for the Australasian market and is ideal for long distance and coastal cruising in complete luxury.

Then the Windcraft Team did the Sydney to Hobart yacht race with one of our wonderful owners. Read more about the fun they had here

Having the Moody Deck saloon is a perfect fit with Hanse because many of our Hanse owners upgrade to the Moody after a few years. Having the range of boats keeps these owners in the Windcraft family.

The Deck Saloon continues to offer incredible value for clients looking for a long distance luxury cruising yacht. New models are coming in 2017 watch this space…

Moody – Unique in the Market Place

Moody Classic – Hot in New Zealand

The Moody Classic is a very beautiful boat which appeals to a niche of buyers who like to to have the best of everything.

Its classic styling always turns heads… and our Moody family has developed into an ‘owners club’ of brand advocates.

Currently the Classic is a perfect fit for the New Zealand market with 2 sold in the last few months.

The Classic is a wonderful boat to have in the Windcraft stable.

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