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Service Centre – A Massive Asset

Service Centre – A Massive Asset

The Windcraft Service Centre is a massive asset and unique in Australia.

Buyers feel a huge amount of security knowing that the dedicated service team are always on hand to keep them on the water.

It is often the deal clincher in the sales process for owners new to Windcraft.

The team includes in house shipwrights, electricians and technicians and Windcraft enjoy great relationships with a global network of approved, trusted and exceptionally skilled craftsmen and tradesmen.

Service Centre – A Massive Asset

Annual Service – Steady Income Stream

The annual service process is very streamlined. An incoming inspection report and recommendations are discussed with the owner before work begins – and a detailed post survey report is completed afterwards.

Services are completed efficiently because:
– the team know the vessels intimately
– the labour is all on site and
– supplier relationships are in place for parts and equipment.

The annual service delivers a year round income stream, enhances Windcraft’s reputation as Australia and New Zealand’s leading yacht importer and ultimately creates more business for the company.

Service Centre – A Massive Asset

Commission, Customisation & Handover

The service team have commissioned over 200 Hanse Group yachts… so they know these boats inside out. They have meticulous records they can refer to as they need to.

They test each and every element of the technical, operational and domestic systems before handover to make sure new owners have a wonderful experience after handover.

The handover ceremony is a bit of a Windcraft speciality with champagne poured over the bow of the boat making the owners feel very spoiled.

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