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Solaris – Top End – Chic Italian Styling

An ‘Aston Martin’ in Your Showroom

For Windcraft having Solaris in the stable is like having an Aston Martin in the showroom… and yes it’s a niche… but it sure gets people talking.

When they took it to Hamo race week everyone kept saying ‘Have you seen that boat? It’s sublime – what is it?

This is a typical video of the Solaris ONE 42 racing in Australia… awesome times for Windcraft crew members in perfect sailing conditions.

Solaris – Top End – Chic Italian Styling

A Rapidly Growing Company

Solaris as a company which have doubled in sales in the past 18 months and the inquiry rate for bigger semi-production yachts is now building in Australia.

Bill Trip, Javier Soto Acebal and the Serigi Design team take the time to painstakingly perfect every detail and the hand build process takes 6 months.

The Solaris is a top end semi-production yacht. It’s exquisitely finished with top end fixtures and fittings.

Everything is glassed in so the boat is as solid as a rock.

The behind the wheel experience has been described as ‘Simply Perfect’.

Solaris – Top End – Chic Italian Styling

European Yacht of the Year

The Solaris ONE 50 has just won the prestigious European Yacht of the Year award for 2016 and 8 were sold worldwide in the first month after launch.

The Solaris ONE 47 is new for for 2016 – and looks set to make a significant dent in the market.

The flagship Solaris ONE 58 is the epitome of luxury and the ultimate performance cruiser and perfect for baby boomers heading into a luxurious retirement.

According to Peter Hrones…

“If I wasn’t selling the company… the Solaris 47 is the yacht I would buy next for myself. I can’t imagine a better sailing experience…”  

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